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Our History of 15 years



In Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, which is known as the center of Edo culture, the “Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival” has been held for 15 years as a festival that connects the towns of books, art, sports, and musical instruments, Ochanomizu and Kanda Jimbocho with music. We have held it step by step for 15 years steadily.
In the last 15 years, there have been many obstacles such as repeated postponements due to the effects of large typhoons and the “COVID-19 pandemic”.
The reason why we could overcome the difficulty is the “Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival” was brought up together with the support of many people, including the Chiyoda Ward area,many students from Meiji University, supporting organizations, and companies. We would like to thank all the parties concerned.

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明大町づくり道場、(一社)日本ジャズ協会21、制作: RUオフィス